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Parksville Natural Tattoo Removal

Bad microblading? Regretful tattoo? Elegance Sculpting offers Parksville’s only natural tattoo removal treatments.

Just as it is important to have safe application of ink, it is important to have safe removal. If you are unhappy with your permanent makeup or poor tattoo choices from the past, let our certified removal technicians help. Elegance Sculpting is proud to be a A+Ocean provider, offering a natural solution to removing your unwanted ink.


How fast does A+Ocean tattoo removal work?

You can see permanent removal in as little session however, darker pigments such as black can take up to eight sessions to completely clear. Tattoo lightening and/or removal is also dependent on depth of the pigment.

What is the advantage of using the A+Ocean tattoo removal method?

This unique tattoo removal method does not cause permanent damage or discolouration to the skin. The removal process uses natural healing and is a fraction of the cost of chemical or laser tattoo removal methods.

Can I buy the product and use it myself?

A+Ocean is for trained professionals only. All providers of this procedure are required to go through training and licencing.

Can I have this treatment on my face?

Yes! This product works extremely well for permanent makeup and microblading. As the process includes naturally scabbing, be mindful when you begin your treatment. For example, if you have a wedding coming up, give yourself at least a month prior to heal.  

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What is A+Ocean Tattoo Removal?

A+Ocean is the world’s first saline tattoo removal solution which produces quality results without tissue damage. The solution is made with the finest sea salt in the world, removing all contaminants creating the highest quality saline in the world. The goal of this solution, is to create a controlled scab. As the tattoo area heals naturally and the scab falls off, the tattoo is lightened but your surrounding skin remains intact.

Parksville Natural Tattoo Removal Pricing

Single Removal Session

$150Per Session

Package of Six

825Six Session

*Treatment prices vary depending on the size and age of the tattoo.*

Natural Tattoo Removal | A+ Ocean | Elegance Sculpting in Parksville B.C
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