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Parksville body treatments that go beyond what you expected.

Are you searching for the best body treatments in Parksville? Relax, you’ve come to the right place. At Elegance Sculpting, we believe in providing our hardworking clients space to relax from their busy schedules. Relax and rejuvenate as our team of professionals take you through a journey of the senses.

From exfoliation to deep massage, there truly is body treatment perfect for every person, mood and occasion…even if that occasion is just a Monday afternoon!

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The Body Glow Treatment

This nourishing body treatment uses aromachology of Myrrh and Amyris notes to relax and reawaken all the senses. It enhances the body and relaxes the mind for a simply extraordinary experience. Gently exfoliate your body and enhance the skin with the melted, golden texture. Pamper yourself with this 50-minute unique beauty experience.

Body Glow

$8950 Minutes
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The Detox Body Treatment

This Parksville body treatment involves a vectorized caffeine scrub, a slimming peel-off caffeine mask with an ultra precise manual method, wish is firm but with no risk of tissue damage. The method also works to improve the skin’s elasticity. Refine, resculpt, free the body of toxins, restore lightness and decrease cellulite. The body is deeply detoxified for 75 minutes.


$13075 Minutes
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The Firming Body Treatment

Restores a sense of lightness to the body by loosening tight muscles and eliminating toxins with this 60-minute body treatment. A deep-down detox for body and spirit. By focusing on the areas where stress accumulates, this massage improves energy flow. A sense of serenity grows within you, until body and spirit are in harmony once more.  Helps relieve stress and tension through deep massage of the feet, hands and scalp. The Firming Parksville body treatment brings the body’s energy back into balance.


$10060 Minutes
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